Coming Up

September 2023 Week 4 Live Music Events

Monday September 25 » 20:30
Jazz standards

Mew (Vega)
60s, 70s

Smart Mew(Vega) Sep25 20h30

Tuesday September 26 » 21:00
Joe Enso
Instrumental, Guitar, Soundscape

Joe Enso Sep26 21h

Tuesday September 26 » 22:00
The Music of Sun Ra

Oumuamua sep26 22h

Wednesday September 27 » 20:00
All Seasons: Qong Mongkon, Grid Banthaisong, Ekkarat Jaroensing, Boonchob Tanomwongtana & Guests
4 fingerstyle guitarists come together

All Seasons Sep27 20h

Thursday September 28 » 21:30
Five Forest
Instrumental, Downtempo, Soundscape

Five Forest Sep28 21h30

Thursday September 28 » 22:30
Neo Folk, Neo Dark

Verandaa Sep28 22h30

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