Calendar | 2024 April

Thursday April 11 » 19:000
Picnic with Natural wine by Daydrinkers Collective
Food by Better than Bread

Music starts 20:00

Stanley Brinks, also known as André Herman Düne is a prolific musician and songwriter. He was born in Paris, France, and has been involved in numerous musical projects and collaborations throughout his career.
Brinks initially gained recognition as a member of the famous indie folk band Herman Düne alongside his brother David-Ivar Herman Düne. He later embarked on a solo career, adopting the stage name Stanley Brinks. Known for his distinctive voice and innovative songwriting, he has released a vast catalog of albums, often experimenting with various genres such as folk, jazz, blues, and calypso.

Music at 21:30
Latin Music

Wine Picnic by Daydrinks Collective April11 19h

Wednesday April 10 » 22:30
Sura Collective
contemporary jazz

Sura Collective Apr10 22h30

Sunday April 7 » 21:30
experimental jazz

Sunday April 7 » 22:30
Una Kanta
tribal jazz

Una Kanta Apr7 22h30

Saturday April 6 » 20:30
Mah Muang
blues, rock'n'roll

Saturday April 6 » 20:30
Don Bom ดร บม x สหายเฟิร์ส
blues, rock'n'roll

Don Bom Mah Muang Apr6 20h30

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